Sunday, July 16, 2006

John Howard's 12 yr-old "Deal"

This story was broken by Glenn Milne of "The Australian" newspaper, a journal of Rupert Murdoch, a US citizen.

News Ltd papers, including 'The Australian' have periodically run articles or editorials suggesting that Prime Minister John Howard could/should retire, and has referred to Peter Costello as 'Liberal leader-in-waiting'. November/December 2006 has been mentioned a likely or possible time for such an announcement.

Voters should ask themselves several questions:
  1. What's in it for Rupert Murdoch, media baron?
  2. Why did Ian McLaughlin, former Minister and supporter of John Howard, suddenly decide, after nearly 12 years, that a leadership deal by John Howard should be made public?
  3. Would Peter Costello be a "better" leader for News Ltd? for Australia?
John Howard has placed his leadership in the hands of "The Party" - politik-speak for "I've got the numbers, and you don't." John Howard might well be the best politician the Liberal Party has, but ...?

The Analyst