Thursday, August 03, 2006

War Crimes

A United Nations document expressing the UN position on the International Criminal Court (ICC) says, in part
"In UNHCR’s experience with refugees and displaced persons, civilian populations are innocent victims of war; thus any deliberate attack on them is morally unjustified and particularly heinous. Protocol I to the Geneva Convention specifically prohibits attacks against civilian populations. Additionally, in light of increasing attacks on United Nations humanitarian as well as other humanitarian personnel working in areas of armed conflict, UNHCR also supports an interpretation of "civilian population" which includes humanitarian personnel so that attacks on such personnel would fall within the Court’s jurisdiction."

Both the military arm of Hezbollah and Israeli forces have shown a prediliction to target various civilian areas, including hospitals, ambulance & emergency personnel, UN personnel and personnel working under the banner of the International Red Cross / Red Crescent.

In light of that, are War Crimes being committed in the Middle East?

Just a thought.

The Analyst