Friday, February 23, 2007

Political Involvement

The elections are here!! Yessss - I get to determine who we pay as our local representatives (State & Federal), and I get to make some noise about issues that concern me, the community in which I live, the State and the country. Oooh, that's a lot of responsibility. It is, and we voters should use it wisely.

There are people who say "politics is boring" or "I don't care, I'll just donkey vote". I suggest the donkey vote (numbering straight down the ballot) is well-named: only an donkey would not not use their vote wisely. In our democracy we have many freedoms. With each freedom comes a responsibility. Because we have the freedom to vote, we also have a responsibility to vote wisely, and in the interests of our community, state and country.

Voting is like knowledge and skills that you have: "use it, or lose it". Vote wisely.

Then there are those whose political involvement is to create trouble and violence. Some of those protesting against US Vice-President, Dick Cheney, in Sydney, are professional troublemakers. They have criminal records, Police intelligence can identify them in multiple incidents causing trouble and provoking violence. A few, in Sydney, appear to have been US citizens. I think there would be a good case for cancelling their visas, and detaining them until such time as they are deported. For those Australians that cause that cause trouble repeatedly, I think a case for a control order could be made. eg not approach within 10 km of a venue on a a particular day/days. We don't need troublemakers - they harm our democracy.

The Analyst