Saturday, July 21, 2007

Costello Leadership on the Rocks

Revelations that Peter Costello had less-than-complimentary comments about John Howard, to be published in a political biography of Howard could mean the end of Peter Costello's aspirations to lead the Federal Liberal Party.

In the biography, Peter Costello:
questions the competence of John Howard as Treasurer (in Malcolm Fraser's government). During that time official interest rates rose from 10% to 21%.
said that John Howard could have, but didn't, push the Campell Inquiry reccommendation to deregulate the financial industry.
own he felt that John Howard made a firm commitment to hand over the leadership to him (Costello). John Howard's wife, Janette, made puiblic statements saying that Howard would not have done so.
regretted that he, as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, and his wife, had never been invited by the Howards to dinner (except for official functions)

The degree of damage done to Costello's leadership aspirations remains to be seen. But the Opposition is making much of it; and the media loves a scandal/hate-hate relationship scandal. Peter Costello's leadership ambitions could be terminal.