Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reba, Reba Where Ya Goin' To?

Yesterday, after handing out how-to-vote leaflets for NSW Council elections, Reba Meagher announced her resignation from the NSW Parliament. She would have been dumped from new NSW Premier Nathan Rees's ministry, but resigned first.

After resigning as Minister for Health, she indicated she had always acted in the interests of "the (Labor) Party". She was elected, as a party-parachuted candidate, for the seat of Cabramatta, in west/south-west Sydney, in 1996. She has held Ministerial positions in Fair Trading, Community Services, Aboriginal Affairs, and Health. Health, especially Public Hospitals, has been beset by myriad problems, including embarrassing deaths at RNS. She will retire with a Parliamentary pension of about $130,000 - about 3 times the average annual income of her constituents.

The following lyrics should be sung to The Monkees' son 'Mary, Mary'.
(with apologies to Mike Nesmith and The Monkees)

Reba, Reba, where you goin' to?
Reba, Reba, is it Coogee?
This one thing we know ‘bout ya
We will live better, without ya
Reba, Reba, where you goin' to?

Reba, Reba, tell us truly
What did we do to make ya leave us?
Whatever it was, it wasn’t us
You knew from “The Party”, ya had to go
Reba, Reba, where you goin' to?

Reba, Reba, where you goin' to?
Reba, it’s not Cabramatta
Reba, Reba, Reba, Reba, Reba, where you goin' to?
[Repeat adlib]


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