Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Clubs Fight Back

This week, the Hotel and Clubs industries fight back against the introduction of measures to limit poker machine use. The measures would have poker machine gamblers nominate an amount they are prepared to lose. There are few who benefit directly from the profits: pubs, clubs, the State Government. Individual Hotels, Clubs and their Industry Associations make political donations to the major parties.

New NSW Liberal Premier Barry O’Farrell has come out in support of the Pubs and Clubs in their fight with the Federal (Labor) Government. It is appropriate to ask some questions:
  • How much did the pubs, clubs, their industry associations, and their lobbyists donate to the Liberal & National Parties in NSW before the election? (this will be available at a later date from the Electoral Commission, but it requires some work to determine lobbyists affiliations)
  • Mr O’Farrell seems to have issued a press release, but then has not been available for questioning. Why?
  • How much does the State Government stand to benefit over the next 4 years from poker machine taxes?
  • Does Mr O’Farrell believe all pubs and clubs conform to the Responsible Service of gambling?