Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ethics: by John Howard

John Howard will shortly appoint Amanda Vanstone to a diplomatic positioin, rumoured to be Italy. Amanda Vanstone resigned from the Senate today.

The arrangement goes something like this:
"Well done, Amanda. You have been a good and faithful servant to the Liberal Party, and me. I had to sack you from the Ministry in January, but here's a consolation diplomatic posting for you. You're not appointed on merit, we didn't advertise, and you don't have to suffer the effects of WorkChoices."

And don't think it's ever only been confined to conservative side of politics. Labor members will say NOTHING, because the Labor Party has also made similar postings.

But wait, there's more! According to The Canberra Times, "Senior Foreign Affairs and Trade Department sources say former arts minister Rod Kemp has been promised the plum post of Australian ambassador to France."

Ethical? What about moral? - No, to both questions.

But Mr Howard will make at least one appointment before the election. He will make it soon, so that the political fallout is finished before any sniff of the election.

The Analyst