Saturday, April 07, 2007

NSW Parliament and Domestic Violence

Where, oh where, are the ethics and common human concern? There are some things that are absolutely right, and some that are absolutely wrong. Domestic violence is absolutely wrong. Not it seems, to members of the NSW Parliament. It apparently took a new (Labor) MP to stand up and say that what happened to Sandra Nori, MLC, in the 1990's was wrong, criminal, and the alleged perpetrator is not fit to hold a Ministerial position.

Good on her. But where were the others?

For years there have been government-sponsored ads to tell us that domestic violence is wrong. Yet it seems that apathy, and/or the interests of the Party took precedence over the interests of an apparently abused person. There are reports that matters were discussed with then Premier Bob Carr, and that Labor power broker Graham Richardson had "counselled" a member. (

But not one person seems to have done anything to help the alleged victim, nor reported it to the Police.

It seems to be just another case of "the Party comes first". All those Parliamentarians who knew, or suspected, or who saw the bruises and did nothing should hang their heads in shame.

ALL of them.

The Analyst