Saturday, August 11, 2007

HMAS Sydney Found - Possibly

There is news tody that a group has claimed to have found the wreck of HMAS Sydney off the coast of WA.

The mystery of the final resting place of the Sydney has been along one.

HMAS Sydney was commissioned on 24 September 1935. She was a "light cruiser", and was sunk on 19 November 1941.

(Picture: HMAS Sydney at Circular Quay in 1939)

She was sunk in a battle with the German raider Kormoran, somewhere near Shark Island, off the coast of Western Australia.

The Sydney's total complement, 645 crew members, were lost. It was the largest ship, and greatest single loss of ship's crew in WWII. The (then suspected) loss was reported 15 November, as in the picure below.

If the wreck is that of HMAS Sydney, it will be formally declared a war grave; and its find will bring closure to the families and relatives of all those lost, and for all Australians.

Lest We Forget