Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Inconceiveable Conversation?

The following story comes from a fly on the wall. I do not know the whereabouts or identity of the fly - it is one of billions.

PC Plod: That lawyer is soooo bad! Fancy releasing the transcript of the umpteenth interview with that fellow we called a terrorist ….whatisname? … !

Minister For Foreigners: Yes – absolutely disgusting! Doesn’t do much for the AFP, though!

PC Plod: Don’t you talk – you wanted a political decision. We just told you the interpretation you wanted … Idiot.

Minister For Foreigners: Idiot! IDIOT! Listen, should I release more of the reasons you gave me for my decision??

PC Plod: NO. That would only make matters worse. No way, Minister. (THINKS: would make the AFP, and ME, look like an idiot.)

Minister leaves to address a press conference ... Later news reports carry the following quote:

"I’ve been advised that I cannot release any more information about what I’ve
been told about (that terrorist-fellow)."

Couldn't happen in a robust democracy ...