Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Respite For Premier Rees

NSW Premier Nathan Rees will doubtless see the Easter holidays as a welcome distraction.

The media is full of Easter stories, tabloid "stories" about "celebrities" (Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban; Hugh Jackman; Cathy Freeman's wedding; TV/radio people; Sydney's social butterflies; 2-bit starlets, et al.), sport, more sport, and Kevin Rudd.

Nathan Rees will welcome the respite from the recent news stories about
  • two electrical blackouts affecting Sydney CBD & surrounds;
  • former (sacked) Minister for Small Business, Tony Stewart, who is suing the State for unfair dismissal ( ); Memo: it's politics, Tony, get over it!
  • voter and media dissent over Joe Tripodi's 3-week around-the-world trip at taxpayers' expense. He will visit Hong Kong, China, New York, Canada, London and maybe Spain, hoping to find a buyer for NSW retail electricity assets. Given the parlous state of the financial world in New York and London, Mr Tripodi might find potential buyers scarce in those places. He might still find a few people at tourist venues. Many, especially the media, will look forward to his timely, comprehensive report to NSW Parliament. (ROFLOL!) I just can't help remembering that there were whispers in Joe's right-wing ear that it might be time for him to retire from Parliament.
  • news that NSW proposes to sell NSW Lotteries, an enterprise that returns more than $400 million to NSW Treasury each year. The news was released on Thursday, just when many voters were setting off for the Easter weekend, and when many voters are not interested in news.
Little wonder Premier Rees was looking forward to Easter. I hope he, and his new wife, enjoy the break.