Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Federal Government PR in Full Swing

Late this morning we had a number of press conferences, where Federal Government Ministers attempted to ameliorate bad news, announce something new, and indulge in a little gratuitous Oppostion-bashing. Don't get me wrong - the previous Coalition Government, now in Oppostion, did the same things.

Parliament is in recess till May, when the budget will be delivered to Parliament. The polls give Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Federal Labor Government substantial leads over the Opposition, led by Malcolm Turnbull.

The Government's response: lay as much blame for the bad news on the previous Coalition Government.
  • Deputy PM Julia Gillard did it when talking about the unfettered highly-debt-geared business plans, and planned market dominance by ABC Learning Child Care, which is now in receivership. At the same time, she announced the "good news" that of the 241 ABC Learning Centres, 210 will be sold, and that the Government has been working with the administrator to find jobs for those who work in others. Oh, and your child care will be prioritised.
  • Health Minister Nicola Roxon and Wayne Swan ran a double act. Roxon ran the new alcopop legislation to validate tax already collected , and the "new" related legislation to retain teh increased tax rate; and the health benefits. Treasurer Swan took his turn, and indulged in a spot of Opposition bashing: the Liberal Party, the Opposition, and Malcolm Turnbull all copped a serve.

All round, it was presented as "good news from the government", and a "smack in the mouth for the Opposition". Monty Python would be proud. Ahhh. Don't you just love marketing ... err ... I mean "press conferences"?