Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Labor Madness

Tonight's news is that Federal Labor factional powerbrokers are meeting tonight to discuss the possibility of a leadership challenge. The intended replacement is, presumably, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The intended victim is Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The meeting follows the last day of the winter session of Federal Parliament, and follows some weeks of relatively poor poll results. Some MP's are supposedly leaving for warmer climes, or on overseas travel. Prime Minister Rudd is supposed to leave for Canada tomorrow. Some elements within the party, and some pro-conservative elements in the media (News Ltd and Sky News) have been pushing the leadership agenda.

An election is due late this year, or by early March next year at the latest. Why would members of a party contemplate deposing their, & the nation's, leader just months before an election? Politics, selfishness and stupidity. Julia Gillard is still the darling of the left faction, and they want their girl as leader. MP's in marginal seats are worried they will lose - they will probably lose anyway, since historically large electoral victories are somewhat re-balanced at the next election as voters "protest against the government". This happens more often than not.

Nevertheless, Kevin Rudd would probably not be in this position if he, and the members of the Labor Government, and adopted what we have consistently said that politicians should do:
  1. seek professional advice and determine good policy (not politics!!)
  2. spend less time (& money) on "media management" and more time on policy
  3. determine the legislation based on the professional advice they receive
  4. explain the policy to the people
  5. introduce and run with the legislation that is in the best interests of Australia, & Australians.
If the Opposition block the legislation, by all means take the policy to the people at the next election. Voters are not stupid, although News Ltd will consistently run pro-Liberal "stories", and some voters will never change.

News of the current leadership fiasco has been driven,partly by the media, (news stories can spook  politicians) but by stupid politicians running with a selfish political agenda. A reasonable person would question their loyalty to the Labor Party.