Friday, October 27, 2006

Clerical al Hilaly Lunacy

Lakemba-based Muslim cleric Sheik al Hilaly reportedly made comments about women in a sermon at Lakemba Mosque. al Hilaly is seen by many Australian Muslims as the most knowledgeable Muslim cleric in the country.

His comments included:
  • women were weapons used by Satan against men
  • women were responsible for 90% of premarital sex
  • his speech compared "uncovered" women to a piece of meat, left uncovered, and eaten by cats. You could not blame the cats (men) for feasting, he said.
The past President of Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ameer Ali, reasserts that al Hilaly is "the most knowledgeable" cleric in Australia, but did say that the cleric's comments were "over the top". Indeed!

Andrew Robb, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs, said "We wouldn't have this problem if Sheik Hilaly spoke in English. He has been here 30 years." This pushes the agenda from some in the Federal Liberal Party that migrants should all speak English. The language is not the problem - it's the content - and Andrew Robb has missed the point. It's not the medium, it's the message.

al Hilaly spoke in Arabic within the Mosque, but the people translating know both the words and the context. al Hilaly has previously used the excuse that he's been taken out of context - I think that few people believe him.

People deserve respect because they are people - al Hilaly seems to think it's what you wear, or your religion: a view that is best described as ignorant and trite.

The Analyst