Sunday, October 15, 2006

South Australian ALP Conference Lunacy

There is much that is wrong with the Federal Government's 'Workchoices' legislation, including parts that restrict union site visits (& there have since been a number of deaths on sites where unions were not allowed safety inspections), and its undeniable intention to lower wages.

However, we voters could be excused for thinking the South Australian Labor Party had decided that workers can have NO choices, but theirs! How else can one explain the stupidity, let alone hypocrisy, of the SA Branch of the ALP barring non-union journalists from entering (& therefore reporting first-hand) its State Conference.

The national Parliamentary Leader of the ALP, and Federal Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley had to make arrangements for press meetings in the park! This must be a major embarrassment to him, and to the ALP. He attempted to deflect questions on the matter to the SA State Branch. They have much to answer for, to their own party.

That they would stoop restricting the ability of the press to report (they hope) "good news" from the conference can only be described as stupidity; sheer stupidity.

The Analyst