Sunday, February 17, 2008

Abbott - The I Team

Tony Abbott must think there's an 'I' in team. What else could one conclusde after his individual "look-at-me" media statements and interviews this week.

First there were HIS statements about the Parliamentary motion of apology to the Stolen Generation. Even in Fairfax media today (Sunday) he is quoted as saying that the apology "was not going to make any practical difference to their lives" . This denies any beneficial effect that psychological healing and a more positive outlook might have. He goes on to question whether any benefits that bipartisan membership of a group could have on a program to help Indigenous communities in the NT. Perhaps he is driven because this relates his his portfolio as a Shadow Minister, but it seems to carry the whiff of sour grapes at having been politically railroaded by Kevin Rudd's unexpected offer from within Parliament. The Opposition should have responded with "we are interested, but the Prime Minister has made this offer without consulting us, and we want to know more." but were railroaded by a piece of smart politics.

On Friday, he made sure that the media knew HE took a $90,000 pay cut after losing his position as a Minister after the election.; why shouldn't he get a pay rise of up to 7%! (as he did last year) This weekend, it was reported that workers from QANTAS Valet Parking have been made redundant, and will be offered the same positions on AWA's, with a $15,00 pay cut! Tony Abbott doesn't like his own cut in pay, but fully supports the retention of AWA's, and their effect of lowering other people's income.

I tlooks like Tony Abbott's media releases are more about ... 'I'-Team Tony Abbott.