Sunday, February 03, 2008

Costa 'Right' - But Wrong for NSW

Michael Costa, member of NSW Labor Party "right' faction, and Treasurer in the NSW Labor Government might not be the right person for the people of NSW. (image:

His most recent outburst occurred after he was stuck in traffic, after an accident on the F3 freeway north of Sydney. Certainly his criticism of the handling of the incident was scathing. Yes, the RTA does need to look at its processes for diverting traffic after accidents, among other things. I'm not sure he needed to make a public song and dance about it - except to justify his penchant for "public-private" relationships. Those relationships have not always been in the public interests, or made the best or appropriate use of public money. He used his privileged position to gain access to Minister for Roads, and mate, Eric Roozendaal, to complain. He used the media to then use his delay as an argument for building more private tollways, partly with public money, so private companies can profit. He has forgotten that the original stretch of the F3 tollway was built by the NSW government, with public money, for public benefit.

But he is developing a history of arguments that support his short-term tenure as Treasurer and politician, but which are not necessarily in the best interests of the people of NSW. Funding by the Treasurer for health/hospitals, transport, and other government services; and his
specious arguments for selling NSW electricity infrastructure seem to indicate a politician who acts in his own short-term interests, and the interests of his and his party's "image", rather than one who will act in the best interests of the people of NSW. In the NSW Government, and Parliament, he is not alone. Sadly!