Monday, June 09, 2008

Della Bosca the Spinner

The Iguana's Waterfront restaurant and nightclub is the location of the latest incident involving John Della Bosca, NSW Minister for Industrial Relations and Education, and his wife, Federal Labor MP Belinda Neal. He has previously admitted that he expects a letter from the RTA notifying suspension of his driving licence (for repeat speeding offences)

A number of media have run a story alleging abusive threats by Ms Neal, alledgly including: that she would have the police remove the (nightclub's) liquor licence; that she would have the manager sacked. In all, six staff members signed statutory declarations, including 2 managers. It's also alleged that Mr Della Bosca's behaviour became imtimadatory. The alleged threats and intimidatory behaviours started after they were asked to move to a different table to make more space for the nightclub part.

It has been reported that Mr Della Bosca made a number of phone calls to the nightclub's owner(s), and by Saturday afternoon, there was a conflicting statement from the owners, who tried to "withdraw" the statutory declarations. (They can't withdraw them, and the media has copies) It raises questions about whether Mr Della Bosca's later statements and denials are just political backspin; just how much political involvement there was in the "new" statements by the owners and such involvement is appropriate.

On 5 December 2003, Mr Della Bosca, as Minister for Industrial Relations, launched a Charter of rights and Responsibilities (for union safety delegates) the 2nd Annual Safety Delegates Conference. It included information about "Victimisation".

One can only wonder how the alleged behaviour of Ms Neal, and possibly Mr Della Bosca, can be reconciled to the OH&S rights of the club employees and managers! From supposedly "good Labor people", too.