Saturday, June 28, 2008

Humanity Still Exists

This week, there were two news stories about people who we should recognise. Not just their names, but their actions, attitudes and they way they benefit our world.

Tragically, Jane McGrath, wife of Australian Cricketer Glen, died from breast cancer. She had fought the disease for 11 years, creating the McGrath Foundation to help others by funding nurses specifically to help others. You can make donations here.

Jane McGrath touched all with her decency and grace. Humaniy has been improved because of her life on earth. Vale, Jane McGrath.

Nelson Mandela is in London to celebrate his 90th birthday. He was charming to the Queen, and later give a stern message to Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe. He also has a foundation - to promote and "convene dialog around critical social issues".

Individually, and as a society, we know people who contribute something, and make our society a better place. People who donate time, effort, sometimes money. People like Jane McGrath and Nelson Mandela should inspire us ... so be inspired. If you aren't doing anything for your community, and you can, get on the bus: helping, and contributing to help others, being active in community organisations & local religious groups, even lookng out for people in your own street strengthen our community, and enrich our lives. What are you waiting for.