Monday, August 22, 2011

Truepolitik In Recess

Hi, everyone

Truepolitik is going into hibernation for an indefinite period. It is likely that this will be my last post.

I have been a bit crook lately, with the flu, so I apologise for my lack of posts.

I note, however, that the so-called "Convoy of No Confidence" has a battery of Liberal / National Party organisers & promoters. This includes Mick Pattel, reportedly disendorsed by the Liberal National Party of Qld for the seat of Mt Isa; Alan Jones, former Liberal Party candidate in several seats in NSW; Barnaby Joyce, National Party Senator, and Liberal Party Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

I would like to know the level of involvement of Tony Abbott's staff, paid as public servants, in the organisation. Perhaps a media organisation will make a FOI request.

Meanwhile, Labor MHR Craig Thomson probably has some serious explaining to do to his pregnant wife and the Labor Party, at least. It has been alleged, with copies of credit card statements, that he used a union corporate card for "escort services" from a brothel. Leaving aside that that, in itself is not illegal, the use of a corporate card for personal non-work related items raises the question of ethics. And that is different from criminal. If the police investigate, it might possibly lead to a charge of fraud against teh union for whom he then worked.

Thank you to my followers. I hope that you will pick up the baton of helping to publicise the  shortcomings of politicians.