Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Beazley's Uranium Stance

Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley publicly announced that the ALP should scrap its policy of 'no new uranium mines'. i.e. leave it at 3 mines only.

Mr Beazley has, in some respects nailed his leadership to the mast.
Uranium mining and export has traditionally caused considerable public and private debate among members of the ALP. There are some, like Anthony Albanese, who will publicly decry any change in policy.

Whether the policy change is good, warranted, or otherwise may become less relevant than whether the ALP can maintain discipline and conduct sensible argument. Factional divisions andassociated politics could spell the end of any policy change.

If that happens, the ALP will have rebuffed Kim Beazley's stance on the policy and his leadership credibility will suffer a significant blow: one from which he might not recover.

Mr Beazley has, indeed, nailed his ALP leadership colours to the mast.

The Analyst