Sunday, September 10, 2006

Education Report Card - John Howard

"School" Report Card

John Winston Howard

(Government of the Commonwealth of Australia)

Outcome Grade (A-E)

Honesty - E
John is developing a history of being
less than honest with the Australian People

Integrity - E
John is showing more signs that he treats
people differently, according to their
wealth, social advantage, status as an MP
or business person

Social Justice - E
John is treating disadvantaged people
more harshly than others. In particular,
his drive to push people on disability
support pensions back into “work”; his
proposed “treatment” of those who seek help
and those out of work, and his push to drive
down the earnings of “ordinary Australians”
is contrary to his own Christian principles.

Education - E
The big one: John and his Education Minister,
Julie Bishop, clearly have no understanding
of the way classrooms and schools operate; no
understanding of the role TAFE plays in
preparing a skilled workforce and no
understanding of the economic benefits
provided by those who gain tertiary

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