Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ill-Devined Article for Della Bosca

After NSW Minister for Education & Training, John Della Bosca, had his licence suspended for serial speeding offences, columnist Miranda Devine launched a "poor John" defence. (Driven to Distraction for Revenue)

She argues that public humiliation, lampooning and unflattering photos in the tabloid press is "the price you pay for driving a few kilometres over the speed limit as you go past a speed camera in NSW." Certainly Mr Della Bosca had suffered from poor press and lampooning from the Opposition, but that is not the case for everyone, as implied in her statement.

She asserts that slowing down for speed cameras, then deliberately breaking the speed limit again, is just a "silly game motorists play". Pardon - an act to habitually, consciously and deliberately break the law is a silly game? Ms Devine then goes on to refer to such people, including Mr Della Bosca, as "law-abiding". People who make conscious decisions to repeatedly break the law are NOT "law-abiding".

She then argues that when caught speeding on a probationary licence, "He had been going to a work function from his Central Coast home". As if that made speeding socially acceptable!

Mr Della Bosca was asked for comment for the article, and one can't help wondering whether Mr Della Bosca's, or the Premier's, office or media staff asked for the article. That is, was this a politically-motivated article designed to manipulate public opinion in favour of the Minister.

Many people cry foul of P-Plate (probationary) licence holders. It's not just P-Platers - there are some who do drive responsibly - it's everyone who deliberately and repeatedly ignores the laws of our roads; including those in public office. They should be fined, and they should lose their licences.