Friday, August 01, 2008

Sonny Bill Williams Defection Irony

This week's defection from Rugby League to Rugby Union by (Canterbury, NSW) Bulldogs player Sonny Bill Williams has created considerable print, air and television discussion time, mostly by supporters of Rugby League.

Not one has mentioned the considerable irony involved in a league player defecting for money. In 1907-08, led by Dally Messenger, other Rugby union players deserted union to establish Rugby League ... for money! For years, Australian Rugby League pilfered union players to swell its ranks, including: Ricky Stuart, Michael O'Connor and Wally Lewis.

There is considerable irony, then, in a league player deserting the code to play rugby union ... for money$! Others, of course have already gone from league to union: Mark Gasnier, Lote Tuquiri, Berrick Barnes, Timana Tahu to name a few. Given its history, it's hard to see how league could complain ... it's EXACTLY what they did / still do.